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The NFL 2021/22 season served up a few surprises in the opening week. With all NFL action shown on Sky Sports in the UK and you can you also access NFL Game Pass International with a UK VPN.  If you use a USA VPN then you can access the America version of NFL Gamepass as well as NFL streaming networks like NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, NBC Sport and Fox; as well as their streaming partners lie Hulu, SlingTV and FuboTV. Need an NFL VPN?

Week One of the 2021 NFL season brought plenty of excitement, some high scoring games and a couple of surprising results which have caused many experts to begin reassessing their pre-season views on several teams. A team like the Cowboys, for example, went toe-to-toe with Tampa Bay and after previously being written off as a team who could struggle to win their division many are now suggesting that they could be a real threat in the playoffs. On the flip side is the New England Patriots, for years the dominant team in the AFC East they lost their place atop the mountain last season to the Buffalo Bills. After spending big in free agency, and drafting Mack Jones as their new quarterback, the Pats had been expected to challenge the Bills for the Division title and make a playoff run. After losing to Miami in week one, they’re no longer being talked of as a threat to the Bills who themselves suffered a defeat to Pittsburgh. Fun Fact: ‘NFL VPN’ is one of the most searched sports phrases on Google!

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Heading into week two, the pressure on those who lost last weekend is amplified because an 0-2 start can lead to a snowballing effect and severely damage a team’s chances of winning a division or securing a wild card spot in the playoffs. As we did last week, and as we plan to do throughout the season, Liberty Shield have prepared a quick preview detailing two of the must watch matchups of the weekend.

LA Chargers Dallas Cowboys NFL VPN

First up, the LA Chargers welcome the Dallas Cowboys to Los Angeles and the stunning SoFi stadium. This will be one of those weird NFL games where the visiting team will have more fans in the stands than the home team. The Chargers just aren’t a big deal in LA. The sit in the shadows of the Lakers, the Dodgers and the Rams. They also sit behind the Clippers and the Angels, as well as the college teams of USC and UCLA in both football and basketball when it comes to drawing casual fans. Since moving to LA from San Diego, the Chargers just can’t get any traction in their adopted city. In a city with two NFL teams, they’re the fourth most popular football team after the Rams and the two aforementioned college teams. What that means is that a lot of tickets to their game go on general sale and get snapped up by fans of the visiting teams who have transplanted to LA from all over the country. The Cowboys are “America’s Team” and have a nationwide fanbase, not just a diaspora.

The SoFi stadium will welcome between 60k and 70k people on Sunday, and two-thirds of them will be rooting for the Cowboys. That isn’t the ideal atmosphere for a team like the Chargers, with a young quarterback and a rookie head coach, who have ambitions to be a playoff team this season and are looking to build on their win over the Washington Football Team last weekend. That 20-16 wasn’t a perfect performance. Quarterback Justin Herbert struggled against the Washington pass rush and struggled to make throws he made look routine last season. Dallas don’t have a good defense, so Herbert won’t see the type of pressure he faced last weekend but on the other side of the ball, the Cowboys have elite weapons on offense and a very good Quarterback in Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys are the most one-sided team in football. Too much talent on offense, not nearly enough on defense. That defense took another hit this week with DeMarcus Lawrence being ruled out for two months with a broken foot and they will know that their only chance of winning this game is to turn it into a shoot-out and hope that the likes of CeeDee Lamb, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper are too much for the Chargers to handle. Head Coach Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat, because this is the Cowboys we’re talking about, and Jerry Jones has unrealistic expectations and fails to realise that the roster he put together isn’t as good overall as he thinks it is.

This game promises to be high scoring and highly entertaining. If Herbert is on top of his game then perhaps, he can overcome the crowd, his shaky offensive line and the Cowboys and lead his team to a 2-0 start, something the Chargers haven’t managed since 2012 and have only achieved four times since the millennium.

Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs NFL VPN IPTV

Next up we have the Baltimore Ravens vs the Kansas City Chiefs, a game which brings two recent MVPs head-to-head with the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson who won in 2019 facing off with Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, who won in 2018. This is one of the marquee matchups in the NFL with both teams being real SuperBowl contenders, though maybe Baltimore’s chances have been extinguished due to the injuries suffered to their running backs.

In week one the Ravens suffered a surprise defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football and must not prepare to face Mahomes and the Chiefs, seen by many as the best team in football, on shortened rest. The Ravens game plan is no secret, they’re going to play strong defense and they’re going to run the football. Even without their running backs, they still have Jackson’s ability to rush when the opportunity to throw doesn’t present itself. In truth, he’s probably the best rusher on the Ravens roster anyway. The Ravens will need him to be at his very best this weekend because falling to 0-2 while competing in the AFC North would be a terrible start to the season for Baltimore and make it incredibly difficult for them to make the playoffs.

The Chiefs came back from a big deficit last weekend to overcome the Ravens’ divisional rivals, the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs were nowhere close to their best but luckily for them Patrick Mahomes was. Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and has been for three years now. Forget the MVPs, forget arguments based on historic greatness. There is nobody better in the National Football League than Patrick Mahomes. He is a natural winner, with freakish talents and the perfect mentality. Even in the SuperBowl, as his team got crushed and he got chased all over the turf because his offensive line was appalling, he still made big plays and kept trying to win. Mahomes has already won one SuperBowl, and he wants more. A win over Baltimore this weekend will be a step towards this seasons SuperBowl.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use your Liberty Shield VPN to find a way to watch these games. The majority of them promise to be fantastic battles.

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This Weekend in NFL – Cowboys Unbalanced – Watch Gamepass with NFL VPN
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