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There’s a lot to like about this weekend’s slate of NFL games, and in particular the games scheduled between the four NFC West teams. With all NFL action shown on Sky Sports in the UK and you can you also access NFL Game Pass International with a UK VPN.  If you use a USA VPN then you can access the America version of NFL Gamepass as well as NFL streaming networks like NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, NBC Sport and Fox; as well as their streaming partners lie Hulu, SlingTV and FuboTV. Need an NFL VPN?

Widely regarded as the best division in football this division is like a Murderers Row of great teams, great players and great coaches. The Seahawks have started off 1-2 but with a Hall of Fame calibre coach in Pete Carroll and a top five QB in Russell Wilson they can never be discounted in any game and they always turn up to face their biggest rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Fun Fact: ‘NFL VPN’ is one of the most searched sports phrases on Google!

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These two teams created arguably the most fierce rivalry the NFL has seen in the last 30 years when the Seahawks had the Legion of Boom with motormouth cornerback Richard Sherman leading the league in trash talk. The 49ers at the time were coached by Jim Harbough and were, like the Seahawks, a Superbowl calibre team. Harbough has a gift of rubbing people the wrong way and himself and Carroll would regularly exchange jibes through the media. Both teams have great defenses, superstar coaches, athletic young QBs and strong running games. They were so alike and so evenly matched that the rivalry was must watch TV.

Both teams have drastically changed. Harbough is gone, back to the college ranks, with an offensive genius in Kyle Shanahan in the hotseat and not interested in taking the spotlight for himself. The Niners offense and defense looks completely different and their young QB of the time, Colin Kaepernick, is out of the league as a result of some shameful actions on behalf of the NFL and it’s owners. Russell Wilson is still in Seattle, but he’s all that really remains of their SuperBowl winning team bar Carroll. Richard Sherman swapped Seattle for San Francisco in a move that pretty much ended the hostilities between the organisations, and started his own feud with the Seahawks for three years. Sherman is now in Tampa Bay and other than geography there’s nothing really keeping the rivalry going.

Both are really good teams, who are really well coached. One has a great QB, the other has a great offensive system. Neither can really lean on their defense, though the Niners do have an advantage on that side of the ball. The Niners are 2-1 thus far this season and know that this game will go a long way towards deciding a potential Wild Card berth and if they can pick up the win, and push the Seahawks to 1-3, that will give them a good lead in the race.

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At the same time, in the same division, arguably the best team in the NFL right now, the LA Rams, will take on the Arizona Cardinals in a battle of two 3-0 teams. The Rams dominated the reigning Champion Buccaneers last weekend, with Aaron Donald proving that he is absolutely unstoppable in the pass rush. He dominated the line of scrimmage and Tom Brady might well have spent the week since looking over his shoulder for the Rams defensive tackle. On offense, the Rams are really starting to purr. Head Coach Sean McVey is one of the best playcallers in the league, and Cooper Kupp is an elite receiver. What had been missing from the Rams arsenal was an elite Quarterback and they may well have found that in Matthew Stafford. After spending years in Detroit running for his life behind terrible offensive lines, and spending the years since Megatron retired throwing the ball to deckchairs, lawn furniture and wheelie bins, Stafford has found a new lease of life in LA. Always highly regarded, and with a cannon of an arm, Stafford has started this season playing like a man possessed. Often accused of being an empty stats QB who didn’t facilitate winning, Stafford wants to show what he’s truly capable of and he’s found the perfect fit with the Rams.

The Cardinals impressive start to the season isn’t really a surprise given the talent they have on both sides of the football, and given the expectations on Kyler Murray. Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury came into the season very much on the hot seat with many doubters around the league. Kingsbury, like McVey and Shanahan in the same division, is a great offensive mind but hasn’t always shown himself to be well suited to a Head Coaching role and many observers believe he would be a better fit as an Offensive Co-Ordinator under a defensive minded Head Coach like Brandon Staley of the Chargers, Brian Flores of the Dolphins or Sean McDermott of the Bills. Kingsbury likely only had this season to save his job but if he continues to coach as well as he has early in the season, he may well earn himself a new contract. The Rams will be a huge test of the Cardinals and Kingsbury will have to be at his scheming best to work around that outstanding LA defense.

These games are on at the same time so unless you have two screens available you will have to watch one live and record the other. You won’t be disappointed whichever way you go.

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The late game on Sunday is historic for a couple of reasons, such as Tom Brady becoming the all-time leader in passing yards if he manages to throw for 68 yards in this game. Brady already holds most of the QB records in the NFL and last season became the owner of the all time touchdowns thrown record. He’s already cemented himself as the greatest QB of all time, with this record being merely the cherry on the cake. The bigger attraction is where he could do it, and against whom. The Buccaneers travel to New England, home of the Patriots, this Sunday. It’s Brady’s first game back in New England, the place where he made his name, since his acrimonious split from the Patriots in 2020.

After two decades, and six Superbowls, Brady left Bill Belichick, Gillette Stadium and the only NFL life he’d ever known for pastures new. He would go on to win his seventh Superbowl with Tampa Bay, while the Patriots struggled desperately without him.

No matter the outcome, and regardless of the potential record breaking by Brady, the entire focus and discussion before and after the game will centre around Brady vs Belichick. The greatest QB in history and the greatest coach in the history of the sport. Two men who’s legacies are intertwined unlike any other pair in NFL history. Multiple books have been written on the pair, with another which focuses on their relationship and the relationship of both with Patriots owner Robert Kraft due out soon. There will be documentaries made about their successes, their relationship, their split and everything else, and people will argue for years about whether Bill or Tom was more responsible for the success they experienced together. The truth is that they needed each other and regardless of Brady winning a title with the Buccaneers there is no decisive answers as to who mattered more. One without the other doesn’t have the same success.

This game will likely be a very tense affair, with neither Brady nor Belichick wanting to take a loss in their first meeting on opposite sides. Both are fiercely proud men who were once united in their pursuit of perfection. The embrace between the two after the game will be interesting to see, as will any interactions before the game. The Patriots will likely pay tribute to their icon, while Brady will try his best to remain focused on the game.

The Pats haven’t had an ideal start to the season, going 1-2 with some uneven play. They are trying to blood a rookie QB, which is never easy, while trying to make the playoffs. It’s not a common goal anymore. Most rookie QBs sit their first year if they play for a playoff contender. Bad teams start their rookies because they have nothing to lose. Mac Jones, the rookie QB, hasn’t started badly himself but didn’t struggle mightily against the Saints and was unsettled by their pass rush. The Bucs are one of the best pass rushing teams in the league and will try to force him into errors early on. Despite that fearsome pass rush, and a great run defense, Tampa don’t have a great secondary so if Josh McDaniels can scheme it right, and Jones can hold his nerve, the Patriots could have great success moving the ball downfield just as the Cowboys and Rams did. Even the Falcons, with Matt Ryan looking washed, had joy against that secondary.

The more interesting matchup will be the Tampa offense, led by Brady, against the New England defense, where Belichick is the primary playcaller. That battle alone, between two of the greatest minds in the history of the game, is reason enough to watch this one. Belichick cut his teeth as a defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells before becoming a Head Coach and loves nothing more than to set out to stop great offense. The Bucs have a great passing offense, and if Belichick can force them into running the ball a lot, he’ll have done his job. If the Bucs win the game in the air, then Brady will have done his.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use your Liberty Shield VPN to find a way to watch these games. The majority of them promise to be fantastic battles.

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🇬🇧 What about UK NFL Blackouts?

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How do I order an NFL VPN?
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